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Gun Show – January 7-8 2012

The first gun show of the season is just around the corner.  The Rochester Gun show is coming up, it is January 7th and 8th.  At the Fair and Expo center in Henrietta.Campfireshop.com

Beware the Delivery Man

Yes, you read that correctly, beware your delivery man.  If you order things on-line, you will want to exercise a level of caution (OPSEC).  The more you have delivered the more you will be noticed.  You will be noticed by both your delivery man and possibly your neighbors also.  Depending on what you are having delivered can have a significant impact on how much others observe.  If a package is labeled as ammunition and this isn’t a normal item for you, this may make others start to look at you a little differently.  If you get a shipment of grains and or other heavy or bulky items, it will be even more noticeable, especially  if they are sitting on your doorstep waiting for you to get home so you can take care of them.

Some companies are diligent about how packages are labeled, and others will label the boxes with the biggest advertising they can fit.  Others just don’t put any thought into it, and it is hit and miss.  This is a serious matter that isn’t always addressed.  The people that know you have preps and even worse those that know what you actually have is a significant risk to OPSEC.  The box won’t necessarily have it’s contents identified on the outside, but the company name may be blazed all over the outside.  With general merchandise companies this isn’t as much of an issue.  When it comes to companies that deal primarily with specific types of products, the less attention the packaging draws the better.

What to do?  I hope you are thinking now.  One option would be to use a mailbox service like theupsstore.com you have to check your local store for rates and services.  This would afford you the ability to have packages delivered to a physical location that isn’t your home.  This in turn gives you the security that your stuff won’t be stolen while waiting for your return and your neighbors won’t see the delivery truck leaving packages for you all the time.  This is probably the most secure option, although it lends itself to other security issues as well as the cost. In the event of a disaster, your neighbors won’t necessarily be pre-programmed to come pounding on your door because they have seen some of  your preps delivered…

Some things you can do to help maintain your security would be to have someone home when packages are due for delivery.  This isn’t an option for everyone, sometimes we just can’t get the time off work, as well as it could burn up a lot of vacation time if you had to take time off every time you had a delivery coming.  If you have a friend or neighbor that you trust or even better one that is a prepper also.  If you have someone at an alternate address (friend, family member) that is home during the day, that could receive packages for you.  Remember not to put these people in danger either.  If they are in an area that has nosy neighbors you could ultimately be putting them at risk for looting/theft.

You may also be able to talk with the delivery company, and have them hold your package for you to pick up in person.  This may be the most secure way.  Your local delivery man isn’t involved, your neighbors don’t see things being delivered, and you aren’t putting others at risk, receiving your items.  And most importantly, you are the only one aware of what is ‘going on’, thus helping to maintain OPSEC.

Don’t forget, to use caution when bringing your items into the house also, it’s best to do park in the garage and unload the car there.  You never know when you might have your own Gladys Kravitz.

Until next time,

the Survivalguy


Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a Happy healthy and blessed Thanksgiving.  I would like to ask everyone to take a little time to actually reflect on what you personally have to be thankful for.
For to many people today Thanksgiving is little more than an excuse to over eat and get ready for the

Christmas shopping season.  That is not what Thanksgiving is about, we (the country) need to get back to the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season.

One of the many things I am thankful for is our troops fighting for our freedom.  Please say a prayer for them, especially the ones that are away from their family’s.

the Survivalguy

Kids and Accountability

Accountability; this is a topic you will probably see here more than once. I was walking into the local public school the other day and just inside by the entrance was a large plastic tub labeled lost and found. This tub was overflowing with coats and hats, etc. There was a woman that walked in just in front of me that made a comment “…how can you lose a coat and not know it.” My response was “if they aren’t held accountable, they don’t care.” She agreed as she walked into the room she was headed to.

This is a major problem with society today. People don’t think twice about shelling out money to buy replacements for things they bought not that long ago. What is even worse is the continual upgrading. We all know people that have to have the latest and greatest all the time. This is something that is a bit of a pet peeve for me. I am quite content with using something as long as it is feasible. I am also a firm believer in the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Some things, yes it is inevitable, but something like a coat that has nothing wrong with it, that is just ridiculous. The way things are headed with the economy both in the US and globally, when our children and grandchildren are grown they won’t be that far removed from bread lines of the past.

It is a sad affair that our government encourages this behavior.  There are entitlement programs for just about anything.  These welfare programs are not necessarily a bad thing.  They do however need to be revamped.  We need to make the receivers of these services accountable.  One of my primary gripes would probably be to institute mandatory drug testing.  This would be before receiving and throughout the process.  As long as someone is receiving government services or benefits they need to be tested.

OK, I think I will end my rant for now.

-the SurvivalGuy