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Using Coupons to stock up on food

Let’s face it, we all know that we should prepare for an emergency but the budget is so tight it not only squeaks but squeals also.  So how do we come up with the extra money needed to stock up on supplies, especially with the rising cost of food?

The answer is simple and only requires one word:  coupons.

Coupons are the best way to save money on your groceries.  And the use of coupons will also help you stock up on extras to stash away for your emergency supply.

In addition to the coupons in the paper, you can also print coupons online.  There are hundreds of different sights that allow you to sign up for free.  Then you check off the coupons you want and print them out.

Also, you can go to various drug stores and sign up for their shoppers discount programs. For example, I go to our local CVS drug store.  When I check out, at the bottom of my receipt are coupons to take $2 or $4 off my next purchase.  So if I go in with a manufacturers coupon and buy say toilet paper and also use my CVS coupon, then I potentially could get my purchase for free.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using coupons.  However, there is also a disadvantage.  It is very time consuming.  It does take a considerable amount of time to do the research for the coupons and the various stores and figuring out what to buy where to get the best deal.

Check it out.  I think you will find it beneficial not only to save on your current grocery bill but the allow you to buy extras for your emergency food supply!

New Year’s Resolution: Be Prepared!

As the new year approaches rapidly, all of you (me included) are starting to ponder our new year’s resolutions.  The usually suspects come up such as dieting, exercising, starting a new budget, getting organized, and on and on.  However, this year, I have decided that my new year’s resolution is going to be one of much greater importance.  I am going to start my one year plan for prepping.

If you haven’t heard the news lately, then let me enlighten you.  Inflation is skyrocketing at the speed of light and by the end of 2011 we will be lucky if we can still put food on the table.  If you think I’m crazy, just google “2011 food prices” and look at what comes up.  It’s been all over the news.

So my plan is this:

  • clean out and organize my spare room (I know, don’t laugh, there’s the traditional “organize”)
  • build shelves for the whole room
  • build food rotation units for canned goods
  • start a preparedness binder to keep track of inventory
  • clip coupons and plan ahead for grocery trips
  • start storing

That is my family’s new year plan…what’s yours?

How Prepared Are You?

I think we can all agree that times are tough right now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.  We are all worried about what might happen next.  So I ask you… how prepared are you?

Imagine this for a second… it’s the middle of winter and you are upstairs in your bathroom and all of a sudden the lights go out.

  • Where is the flashlight?  Is there one in every room?  Do the batteries work?
  • How are you going to keep warm if the power never comes back on or doesn’t come back on for days?
  • How are you going to cook food if the power never comes back on  or doesn’t come back on for days?

So let’s assume you are like most people and you have no clue where the flashlight is… so you stumble out of the bathroom, down the hall, and down the stairs.  You feel around in the dark and finally find a candle but have no idea where the matches or a lighter is.

Panic starts to set in and you are wondering why the power still has not come back on.  You hear screams coming from upstairs and you remember that the kids were playing in their rooms.  Now the adrenaline is pumping as you search frantically for some way to get light.  You finally locate you cell phone which provides you with some light  You find the matches, more candles, and flashlights with batteries.  You call your neighbor and ask if they have prower.  You neighbor nervously tells you that the power is out in your whole state and they don’t know when it may come back on.  You swallow hard as you remember that you didn’t stop and get gas because it was cold out.  And your pantry is almost bare because you haven’t had time to get groceries.  Your neighbor tells you that stores are closing because they can’t keep the store warm or lite without power.

Now what?

This is just one possible scenario and it’s not that far fetched.

It’s time to pull yourself together and prepare you and your family for whatever may come.

I’m not referring to a doomsday scenario but simple preparedness for what ever may happen.  It could be the power going out for a few days or a devastating natural disaster, or something worse.  There are basic steps you can take to prepare your family for any emergency.

Stay tuned for more….