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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a wondrous thing.  It has a wide variety of uses and is far less harmful than some of the other chemicals out there for the same purposes….

Here are some of the uses:

  •  As a mouthwash and gargle
  • In relaxing baths and foot baths
  • To sanitize toothbrushes, and dentures
  • As a produce wash, to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer
  • To disinfect compost pails, cutting boards, and scrub brushes
  • For washing carpets, floors, and windows
  • Stripping wood furniture, and cleaning wooden decks
  • Removing mold
  • To brighten laundry & remove stains
  • To clean out aquariums
  • To keep the water clean in fish farming
  • In gardening: As a plant fertilizer and plant spray
  • To clean swimming pools and spas, as an alternative to chlorine
  • Taxidermists use it to clean and whiten bones…..
  • It’s used in making cheese
  • Aseptic packaging (those weird little boxes that food comes in) are sprayed with it
  • It is used in products for whitening teeth, treating acne, and cleaning contact lenses
  • Oh, and it’s also great for cleaning cuts and skin infections! You know, like the brown bottles at the drug store….

The above isn’t even the complete list.  There are a great deal of uses for H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).  This site is a great resource:

Beyond the standard drugstore brown bottles you can get Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in varying dilutions.

The typical brown bottle is a 3% solution is the most common.  One thing to keep in mind is that not all ‘brown’ bottles are the same.  Some are safe for use as a gargle and related uses and some aren’t.  Make sure you read the label before using.

As with all of your preps, having hard copies of various information is a must: List of books related to Hydrogen Peroxide on Amazon

We have been using Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle for everyday cleaning and are pleased.  If you look at the cost of standard chemical based cleanersvs. that of a standard brown bottle.  I payed $0.88 each  for a couple bottles the other day.


Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone and safe and Merry Christmas.  Remember to spend time with your family.

Gun Show – January 7-8 2012

The first gun show of the season is just around the corner.  The Rochester Gun show is coming up, it is January 7th and 8th.  At the Fair and Expo center in

Global Warming – Extreme Weather

Global warming is no longer the key phrase, now it’s referred to as climate change.  Which is obviously more accurate.  We have seen/experienced an increase in hurricanes, floods, heat waves, etc. over the past several years.  More recently was the October snow storm that crippled many places along the east coast.  According to some of the experts, this is basically the beginning, and it is going to get worse and more frequent.  This presents itself to a whole slew of issues.


How have you prepared?  If you have prepared to your area and weather you may need to expand or alter your plan for a long term scenario.  Some of you have prepared for everything and will be in pretty good shape, others that haven’t prepared as much may be in trouble.  So what to do? Evaluate your preps and your plan.  Try to determine how you need to adjust for your area.  Think about the weather in your area over the past several years, particularly the storms and other events that were the most severe.  The experts have said that climate changes lead to changes in the frequency and intensity.  So, i urge you to take these things into account with your preps, and make adjustments as necessary.  Remember, flooding isn’t the only thing to plan for, snow storms, power outages, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.  These all can seriously infringe on your preps and your prep plan. 

the SurvivalGuy

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a Happy healthy and blessed Thanksgiving.  I would like to ask everyone to take a little time to actually reflect on what you personally have to be thankful for.
For to many people today Thanksgiving is little more than an excuse to over eat and get ready for the

Christmas shopping season.  That is not what Thanksgiving is about, we (the country) need to get back to the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season.

One of the many things I am thankful for is our troops fighting for our freedom.  Please say a prayer for them, especially the ones that are away from their family’s.

the Survivalguy

ONE STOP CHRISTMAS SHOPPE – Cornerstone Christian Academy

OK, so below is the flyer for the Cornerstone fund raiser that is going on today 11/19/2011.  Stop by and support some local businesses and get some deals saving money.
I will not be there, as I will be in the woods trying to  harvest a deer or 2 for my family.
The PrepWife will however be there ‘manning the store’ so to speak.  so stop by and say hi.
Tell her you saw the blog post and get 10% off (has to be a minimum of $20 purchase).  She doesn’t know about this yet, she is still sleeping.


Multiple local vendors of quality handcrafted items, Apple Blossom Gifts/Dabeck Business Solutions, Avon, Bead Art, Enchanted Forest Alpaca Crafts, FHG Furniture and Crafts, His Hand … Crafts, Mary Grace Knitting, Mary Kay, Miche Bags, Premiere Designs Jewelry, Salvation Station Christian Books etc., Silpada Designs Jewelry, Stamping Up, Sunrise EZ Shop, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Camping survival gear, and more!




   Family Pasta Dinner   



  Open to the Public

Cornerstone Christian Academy

60 Holley St., Brockport


Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Stop Christmas Shop: 9am – 5pm

Pasta Meal Served from: Noon – 7pm


While the One Stop Christmas Shoppe is free,

Tickets for the Pasta Dinner may be purchased

through any school family or by calling the School Office.   (637-4540). Takeouts Available

 Cost: $7.50 Ages 13+;     $4.50 Ages 5-12;

Ages 4 and Under Free


Pre-sales recommended.

 Tickets may be purchased at the door while supplies last!

We welcome all of our school families and relatives as well as all community members and our alumni.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

Joan Johnson
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Office Administrator

’til next time
Be Prepared to Survive
the SurvivalGuy

Kids and Accountability

Accountability; this is a topic you will probably see here more than once. I was walking into the local public school the other day and just inside by the entrance was a large plastic tub labeled lost and found. This tub was overflowing with coats and hats, etc. There was a woman that walked in just in front of me that made a comment “…how can you lose a coat and not know it.” My response was “if they aren’t held accountable, they don’t care.” She agreed as she walked into the room she was headed to.

This is a major problem with society today. People don’t think twice about shelling out money to buy replacements for things they bought not that long ago. What is even worse is the continual upgrading. We all know people that have to have the latest and greatest all the time. This is something that is a bit of a pet peeve for me. I am quite content with using something as long as it is feasible. I am also a firm believer in the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Some things, yes it is inevitable, but something like a coat that has nothing wrong with it, that is just ridiculous. The way things are headed with the economy both in the US and globally, when our children and grandchildren are grown they won’t be that far removed from bread lines of the past.

It is a sad affair that our government encourages this behavior.  There are entitlement programs for just about anything.  These welfare programs are not necessarily a bad thing.  They do however need to be revamped.  We need to make the receivers of these services accountable.  One of my primary gripes would probably be to institute mandatory drug testing.  This would be before receiving and throughout the process.  As long as someone is receiving government services or benefits they need to be tested.

OK, I think I will end my rant for now.

-the SurvivalGuy

Gardening – A Change of Pace

It is already time to start the vegetable gardens.  It is hard to believe that it is here already.  Over the past couple of years we have tried growing vegetables in the traditional standard row type of garden.  Unfortunately, we were not very successful.  It wasn’t a total bust however we would inevitably end up with a garden infested with weeds and plants that were not growing well due to waterlogged soil.  Not that we over watered the plants, it’s just that we couldn’t control mother nature and our yard was always too wet.

This year I decided that something new was in order.  I wanted to try square foot gardening however Adam (my hubby) was a little reluctant.  After a little persuading, he agreed to hear me out.  I picked up this tiny informative book at the local grocery store, published by the seed company Ferry Morse, all about Square Foot gardening.  Adam read the book and agreed to give it a try.  After all, we were not successful in traditional gardening so why not try something new.

So after a trip to the local home improvement store to pick up some wood and weed control fabric, we are on our way to getting started.  Now we just need to build some boxes  (4′ by 4′) out of 2 x 6 x 8 lumber and line with weed control fabric .  Then we will have to get the soil ingredients and mix it up before we can plant our seeds.  According to the book, the soil has to be 5 different types of compost, vermiculite, and peat moss – all in equal portions.  Time to make a trip to the local garden store.

Stay tuned for more about our adventure in square foot gardening.

Thank you!

The Survivalguy and I would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our tables at the Rochester NY gun show this past weekend.

Thank you for your support.

Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011, I can’t help but wonder what this year will bring.  Will this be the year that the economy will finally turn around?  Doubt it.  Will this be the year that China becomes the largest world economy?  Or will this be the year that food prices go through the roof and we learn to start growing our own food, making meals from scratch and prepackaged foods become extinct?  How many natural disasters will there be?  What will be the single most event that we will remember for years to come?

God is the only one that knows what this new year will bring, but I pray to God that he walks by our side and gives us the strength and guidance to get through it.