New Year’s Resolution: Be Prepared!

As the new year approaches rapidly, all of you (me included) are starting to ponder our new year’s resolutions.  The usually suspects come up such as dieting, exercising, starting a new budget, getting organized, and on and on.  However, this year, I have decided that my new year’s resolution is going to be one of much greater importance.  I am going to start my one year plan for prepping.

If you haven’t heard the news lately, then let me enlighten you.  Inflation is skyrocketing at the speed of light and by the end of 2011 we will be lucky if we can still put food on the table.  If you think I’m crazy, just google “2011 food prices” and look at what comes up.  It’s been all over the news.

So my plan is this:

  • clean out and organize my spare room (I know, don’t laugh, there’s the traditional “organize”)
  • build shelves for the whole room
  • build food rotation units for canned goods
  • start a preparedness binder to keep track of inventory
  • clip coupons and plan ahead for grocery trips
  • start storing

That is my family’s new year plan…what’s yours?

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